1. When will NACW 2022 take place?

NACW 2022 will take place April 6-8 at the Westin Anaheim.

2. Will I be able to watch the session recordings at a later time if I can’t attend during the live sessions?

Yes, we plan to record the sessions for attendees to be able to watch later.

3. Can I make a suggestion for a session topic and/or speaker?

Yes, please send suggestions for session topics and/or speakers to Jennifer Weiss at [email protected].

4. What COVID protocols will be in place at the conference?

  • In order to check in, attendees must be vaccinated or show proof of a negative COVID test within the past 72 hours.
  • Masks are required. We will have masks – both cloth and N95 – available for attendees who want them.
  • Check in is contactless! Scan the QR code emailed to you to check in.
  • Rapid tests will be available onsite for attendees who require negative test results to gain entry. Rapid tests must be conducted within the presence of Reserve staff.
  • Automatic motion-sensor hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the conference venue.
  • Boxed meals will be available for folks to grab if they are uncomfortable with buffet.
  • Badge ribbons will be available to denote comfort levels with distancing and contact: green/yellow/red.
  • Security personnel will help enforce mask and other COVID protocols onsite.

5. Where are COVID testing sites near the venue?

To locate COVID test clinics near the venue, please refer to this City of Anaheim website: The site is regularly updated, and so it is the best place to look for current locations.

6. Do you know of cost-savings opportunities for Disneyland tickets?

We are pleased to offer discounted tickets to Disneyland (prices vary by day and quantity, but could be savings of $9 or more). Our ticket store closes at 9:00 pm PT on Tuesday, April 5, 2022. These specially priced tickets are intended only for guests that are participating in NACW. Only the registered attendee is allowed to purchase tickets from this discounted ticket store link and they can purchase up to 6 tickets maximum. Please contact [email protected] for the link to purchase specially-priced tickets.

If you are a AAA member, you may be able to purchase discounted tickets through their member discounts program as well.