Supporting Organizations

If you are interested in participating as a supporting organization, please contact Lauren Wilson at [email protected].

The Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) is a coalition of companies and trade associations from the energy efficiency, natural gas and renewable energy sectors, and also includes investor-owned utilities, public power, independent power producers, project developers, equipment manufacturers, and environmental and energy market service providers. Established in 1992, the Council advocates for policies that expand the use of commercially-available clean energy technologies, products and services.

For more information on the Council, please visit For the latest industry data, download the Sustainable Energy in America Factbook.

The California Municipal Utilities Association (CMUA) is the leading voice for California utilities, enhancing our communities. CMUA partners with community owned utilities to support reliable, sustainable, and affordable services to all Californians through advocacy, education and relationships. Together, CMUA members provide water service to about 75 percent of Californians and electric service to 25 percent of the state. For more information about CMUA, visit
More than 100 billion pounds of food is wasted in the United States every year. It ends up in landfills, where it’s a major contributor to climate change. Meanwhile, 45 million people in the U.S.—particularly single parents and the BIPOC community—lack access to healthy food. What if you could begin to solve both problems at once?
By diverting excess food from landfills and redirecting it to communities in need, FoodCycle LA is working to do exactly that. FoodCycle focuses on using innovative technology to transform the food system, using logistics, apps, and electric vehicles to create a smart network of over 200 nonprofits serving food insecure communities throughout Los Angeles. FoodCycle is working to Feed People Not Landfills.
ICICO is an integrative organization composed of 12 indigenous communities, in the state of Oaxaca ICICO, it is developing 11 projects under Climate Action Reserve Mexico Forest Protocol, with a total extent of 26,000 hectares, in a similar number of communities. By 2025 ICICO is planning on developing at least 25 projects in the state of Oaxaca. Additionally, to that, as a Project Developer, ICICO has helped to develop 6 projects in different States of Mexico, focusing on the southeast region. We value the close relationships with Ejidos, Communities, and their inhabitants, that’s why we always create long-term relationships; proof of that is the CARBIOIN (Spanish for Indigenous Carbon, Water and Biodiversity) project that involves 12 communities in 4 regions of Oaxaca, which started to sell carbon offsets in the México Volunteer Market in 2008.
Pacific Forest Trust’s mission is to sustain America’s forests for all their public benefits of wood, water, wildlife, and people’s well-being in cooperation with landowners and communities. We are dedicated to creating smart, thoughtful approaches to better manage and sustain the vital benefits of our productive forest landscapes and economies. Our goal is to align economic forces with ecologic realities to build a new, sustained resource economy grounded in conservation and management to restore natural forest function. Since 1993, PFT has directly conserved 300,000+ acres of privately held forestland for climate, biodiversity, wood, and water values. Also, we’ve led policy innovations and practices, from the inclusion of forests in the Scoping Plan process of CARB, to the development and first applications of the forest carbon offset approach, to advancing a multi-billion-dollar state investment in forests and land for climate and fire benefits, as well as policy recognizing the role of forests in water supply and infrastructure. Learn more:
Plug In America is the nation’s leading independent consumer voice for accelerating the use of plug-in electric vehicles in the United States. Formed as a non-profit in 2008, Plug In America provides practical, objective information collected from our coalition of plug-in vehicle drivers, through public outreach and education, policy work and a range of technical advisory services. Our expertise represents the world’s deepest pool of experience of driving and living with plug-in vehicles. We drive electric. You can too.
Pronatura México is a Mexican civil organization that since 1981 promotes the conservation and strengthening of biodiversity resilience and environmental services that contribute to the construction of a just and equitable society in harmony with nature through the application of innovative models of sustainable development and the use of technology for conservation. Focused on central-western region of Mexico, we currently have more than 70 national and international partners, have benefited 324,000 people with sustainable jobs and access to water, and have impacted 1,200 communities vulnerable to climate change through EBA measures. We have reforested 64,000 ha with 78 million trees planted nationwide. Pioneers in the carbon credit market in Mexico, we are currently working with 68 communities for the generation of carbon credits across 140,000 ha of forests through the USAID-Pronatura México-WRI project called Co2munitario. In parallel, since 2008, Pronatura México’s Neutralizate program has been working with companies, events and individuals to measure, reduce and compensate their greenhouse gas emissions.
Fundación San Crisanto (San Crisanto Foundation) focuses on mangrove restoration and flood prevention in a region that consistently faces heavy rainfall and flooding. Since the Foundation’s establishment, over 11,300 metres of canals have been restored, and 45 cenotes have been delisted and rehabilitated. As a result, flood risk is reduced and populations and diversity of endemic wildlife in the cenotes and mangrove forests have increased. Restoration efforts have generated 60 jobs and local household incomes have increased substantially.

To complement to its restoration efforts, the Foundation undertakes community education and awareness-raising, emphasizing the value of wetland and mangrove conservation for local livelihoods and as a natural buffer against floods.

The Climate Registry (TCR) is a non-profit organization that empowers North American organizations to do more in the fight against climate change by providing services and tools that help them reduce their emissions. TCR also drives climate action and ambition on the road to net zero by recognizing and showcasing sub-national leadership, and by building strategic partnerships with and between national and international entities. TCR is advised by a Council of Jurisdictions that includes representatives from diverse U.S. states and Canadian provinces and territories.
Unidad Topia S.C. is a NGO based in Santiago Papasquiaro, Durango, México. For more than 30 years we have offered, technical support, and advisory for rural communities in the fields of natural resources management, Nature-based solutions, and sustainable forestry. We are part of the FSC Strategic Council in Mexico, as well as forest carbon project developers under CAR MFP for the USAID supported Co2munitario Project (managed by WRI México and Pronatura México). Our years of experience have been forged working on the highest levels of quality in the sectors of Sustainable Forestry, Mining, gas, and Power Environmental Impact Mitigation, as well as financial procurators for economic diversification of forest communities, from national to international government programs, such as CONAFOR, KfW, HSBC, Del Fuerte, among many others. Our mission is to help Mexican communitarian forestry and forest owners to develop in the highest quality standards to make benefit while preserving nature.